About me

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Experience and background:

  • Co-founder of Omnicus
  • Business Development
  • Always seek new challenges and opportunities
  • Thirst for new knowledge and new business to develop myself further

I have my education from Telenor (telco in Norway), where I’ve got my certificate as telecommunications engineer. After completing an apprenticeship, I started a company named Tel-nett where I worked on major projects, as well as troubleshooting in Telenor’s infrastructure.

In 2004 I joined Telekompetanse where work has been very varied. I was responsible for major projects, including the expansion of xDSL infrastructure for Telenor.

In 2005 we started a fiber department where I was head of department. Work consisted of establishing fiber lines for Telenor and Hafslund. One of my main responsibilities was to network with customers and secure the departments growth. After two years, we had a strong foothold among our customers and the department consisted of six fiber engineers.

From 2007 I´ve worked with ICT systems and VoIP. This was part of Telekompetanse´s efforts to strengthen the ICT department, which primarily had delivered traditional PBXs. Work therefore started with training within Cisco networking products and mindset. I took the select certification at Cisco which secured knowledge of SME products, including Cisco major investment in SMEs, the UC500. This product was said to be the ultimate solution for SME businesses with its all-in-one solution — router, switch and telephony features. Over the next two years Telekompetanse received a relatively large recognition from Cisco relation to our knowledge of UC500, and associated SMB products. Telekompetanse was recognized as Select Partner of the year in 2009.

In 2009 my responsibilty was to lead the ICT department. One year later we won a tender regarding a new telephony system to Akershus county (norway´s most populated county) with our in-house UC solution . At the beginning of 2011 we established a dedicated development department which today has become SimCom AS.

About me;

  • Born in 1980
  • Have two daughters and a girlfriend
  • Certificate as telecommunications engineer
  • Worked with ICT solutions since 2007
  • Have always had a great interest in technology and “gadgets”

I believe that everything is possible to achieve, the impossible just takes a little longer.

I have some experience with programming from way back in the days where I´ve used Pascal, Visual Basic and PHP for a while, until I realized that it was easier to put ideas into practice by utilizing resources (buddies) to do the job for me :)

I have always been moderately interested in computers and internet, where most of the money in my  youth went to computer equipment and Internet bills in terms of tolls.