Why I Love Channel Partners

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For the last two years in SimCom, we have tried to established ourselves as a newcomer — a challenger, in a high competitive market.


The journey we have traveled the last two years has been exiting, but it´s not until recently I feel that we hit the “jackpot” — through our new channel partner strategy.

In January of 2015 we established our new partner strategy: we would not sell our solutions directly to end customers anymore, but through selected channel partners.

Why? The answer is simple — we did not get the attention and traction we felt we deserved. But by turning our business upside down, and started talking to partners, all of that changed — immediately!

From our very first partner meeting I felt that we had made the right choice. The meetings we have had, has almost always been a “feel good”-meeting. And by that I mean that they all understand our product from the very start. They have a good understanding about what differentiate us from our competitors.

Channel partners gives us vital feedback

Channel partners provide a unique opportunity to help our company expand it´s business and enrich our marketing message on a local and global scale. And because partners have a larger customer install base, they are able to give SimCom a quicker vital feedback about new key features, and requests for future development.

Instead of building our sales organization with x amount of account managers and sales executives, utilizing channel partners make more sense.

Getting to know a new partner and their customers, as opposed to getting to know a new customer one by one, is more efficient for us. The barriers to communication are lifted as they understand our technology from the gecko.

Availability is important

One of our key strategy values in our new partner strategy is availability. A partner can contact us whenever, about whatever. Partner involvement in our roadmap and development is something that I see give great value both to our partners and to SimCom.

It´s a win-win strategy!


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